About Us

About Us


FieldWorks brings decades of experience running campaigns to every client. Our staff has helped to generate millions of phone calls, knocked on millions of doors, collected petition signatures from millions of citizens, created thousands of campaign plans, and coordinated hundreds of events that have helped campaigns WIN!

Whether it’s a national/international advocacy campaign, a ballot initiative to qualify or defeat, a neighborhood-by-neighborhood political battle, an online to offline strategy, or a long-term image-building plan, FieldWorks delivers results with a simple philosophy: Identify who needs to be persuaded, and communicate with them directly in the most effective way possible.

Led by experienced national and international strategists with their hearts in grassroots organizing, FieldWorks creates campaigns that combine innovative grassroots strategies, the newest online and communication technologies, and time-tested shoe leather tactics with one thing in mind: achieving our client’s goals. Targeting the right voters in the right places, and using the right tactics at the right time (Vote-by-Mail, Early Voting, voter registration, mail, phones, direct voter contact, message integration, and the Internet), FieldWorks puts the plan together that will yield the winning results.

FieldWorks strategists have unrivaled expertise at the international, national, state and local level developing and managing programs for electoral campaigns, corporations, issue based organizations, and ballot initiatives.

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Our Team

We are a professional field firm with deep roots in the progressive and Democratic communities. Our programs and our people at all levels reflect our values.

High Quality Programs

We had a vision of professionalizing and improving paid field programs and our success is a direct result of high quality, innovative, and transparent programs that achieve measurable results.

Quality Control

From real time data to GPS tracking and monitoring performance results to better manage the team we wrote the book on quality control in field.

Part of Your Team

We aren't just a disconnected vendor who does one thing for you. We're a part of your team and your integrated strategy. We're in the foxhole with you.


What We Do

We can help any organization or campaign meet its goals.

Our specialty is large-scale ground operations that move mountains quickly.

Ground Operations