About Us

About Us


In 2001, FieldWorks was founded with a simple vision; professionalize field programs, develop staff, focus on measurable tactics and results, and win.

500 clients and over 50,000 employees later, FieldWorks may look different and quite a bit bigger than when we started, but our core vision remains the same. Our success and numerous victories result from our daily commitment to that vision, and to our staff, craft, and clients.

We know that paid field is only as good as the people who manage and execute the field programs every day. We’ve instituted transparent living salaries and wages, competitive benefits, aggressive DEI goals, and other policies that have helped us build and maintain the most talented and diverse team of managers and outreach staff in the country.

FieldWorks’ Partners bring decades of varied field experience to each of our programs, and are deeply involved in every program we take on. Our Partners and Senior Staff are constantly on the ground training staff, setting up offices, and improving our field model.

FieldWorks also continues to innovate and improve our field programs. Our talented in-house programming and tech team have made immeasurable contributions to our model, developing state-of-the-art systems resulting in higher quality programs with better compatibility and integration with clients’ existing field and tech infrastructure.

Finally, we maintain the most rigorous quality control standards in the industry. From ensuring there are enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot, to protecting voter registration programs, to confirming our canvasses are generating high-quality interactions and accurate data, our clients can rest assured that our deliverables are being vetted by the best systems and people in the business.

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Our Team

We are a professional field firm with deep roots in the progressive and Democratic communities. Our programs and our people at all levels reflect our values.

High Quality Programs

We had a vision of professionalizing and improving paid field programs and our success is a direct result of high quality, innovative, and transparent programs that achieve measurable results.

Quality Control

From real time data to GPS tracking and monitoring performance results to better manage the team we wrote the book on quality control in field.

Part of Your Team

We aren't just a disconnected vendor who does one thing for you. We're a part of your team and your integrated strategy. We're in the foxhole with you.


What We Do

We can help any organization or campaign meet its goals.

Our specialty is large-scale ground operations that move mountains quickly.

Ground Operations