Job Openings

Campaign Directors

Campaign Directors are the cooks in our kitchen. With just a little notice, they drop into a city, and within a day or two are hiring & managing staff in a well-functioning office. Each of our campaigns is a sprint – you have to be ready to drop in, hit the ground running, and not look up until you hit the finish line.

Canvassers, Petitioners and Team Leaders

Our local field staff is the backbone of our operation. Every day they each talk to dozens of voters to get petitions signed, register voters, or get out the vote. If you’ve never worked on a political campaign, if you have limited availability, or want to stay close to home, this is the job for you.

Fine print: All of our positions are contingent on eligibility to work in the United States and successful completion of a background check. All of our positions have opportunities for advancement and additional responsibility available. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and value diversity, equity and inclusion in our work environment.

Work for Us

If there was something you wanted – a traffic light on a busy corner in your neighborhood, maybe – and someone told you it would happen if you could get 100 signatures on a petition, would you know what to do next? How long do you think it would take you to accomplish? What if you needed 10,000 signatures? What if you needed 10,000 signatures in 2 weeks? That’s a little more difficult.

In the world of political campaigns, field work – talking to voters – is a staple. It’s a skill that’s required for every kind of operative at every level of campaign. It’s the gateway to careers in politics, it’s the foundation for myriad other skills, it’s a requirement on any respected resume, it’s the whole enchilada. Most people you meet in politics will know how to plan and execute face-to-face conversations with dozens or hundreds of voters, given enough time.

What most people don’t know how to do – where most people get out of their depth – is knowing how to plan and execute face-to-face conversations with tens of thousands of voters, and how to do it in a few weeks. That’s where FieldWorks comes in.

FieldWorks helps progressive organizations, advocacy groups, and members of the Democratic family run big field campaigns fast. We use tried-and-true strategies and emerging technologies to run innovative field programs that hire, train and deploy hundreds of staff to have productive conversations with thousands of voters. And we get it right. Air-tight systems and an unwavering dedication to exacting standards of execution mean that even at this scale, our quality is unmatched. Our staff has helped to generate millions of phone calls, knocked on millions of doors, collected petition signatures from millions of citizens, and registered hundred of thousands of voters that have helped campaigns WIN!

We’re hiring now for our campaigns. The kind of speed and quality that our superhero clients depend on requires a cadre of campaign staff who are smart, dedicated, tech-savvy, kind, nimble, and completely committed to achieving goals no matter what. If you’re interested in starting a career in politics, taking your management skills to the next level, or being part of a team making big things happen, we’d love to hear from you.

We have four kinds of projects

Petition Drives

Voter Registration Drives


Quality Control