FieldWorks Garnishment Information

Please note that FieldWorks is a temporary employer. The average length of employment at our company is 9 days. As a result, almost every order we are served with is moot, as the employee is no longer employed by us.

Please verify that an employee is still with FieldWorks using the Work Number to save your time and ours and avoid issuing an order for an employee that is no longer on staff. The FieldWorks Employer ID for the Work Number is 16034. If you are a commercial verifier, you can reach the Work Number at 800-367-5690 or If you are a government agency you can reach the Work Number at 800-660-3399 or

FieldWorks does not speak with anyone over the phone about wage garnishments or income withholding orders. All communication must be in writing, and served to our registered agent in the states where we are operating, or faxed to 202-318-8225 or emailed to