FieldWorks Lifts Vaccination Requirement

FieldWorks has been leading our industry and many others in our response to the COVID 19 crisis. Our protections in 2020 allowed us to get back to work and protect our staff while doing so. Our model for safety and our focus on that effort was the model for political organizations around the country. The Biden campaign, using many of our guidelines, even went back into the field…five months after us.

When vaccines became readily available, we were one of the first to require vaccination for our employees. We helped lead by example and hundreds of our employees went out and got the vaccine just so they could work here. Hundreds more were lined up even before it was a requirement.

The fight against COVID is changing rapidly. We’ve come a long way from wiping down the door handles every hour and using single use disposable pens. With each phase we learn, we listen to the experts, and make smart changes. We have now reached the next phase of those changes.

Effective March 13, we are lifting the vaccination requirement for FieldWorks employees.

We are still going to strongly encourage everyone who works here to be vaccinated. We are going to strongly encourage everyone who works here to be boosted. We are going to continue using our influence and opportunity to educate to push people to get vaccinated. It’s still very important.

The only thing we are not going to do is require the vaccination as a condition of employment.

We believe that given the current rates of transmission and infection, we can now safely operate with unvaccinated employees. And we know those employees are well aware of the personal risk they are taking with their status.

While we are not “back to normal,” and we know that in some ways we will never be “back to normal,” it’s time for us to stop keeping people from working here based on their vaccination status.

We have a lot of important work to do this cycle, and we need everyone in the fight. We’re confident we will all be able to safely move forward together.

Go! Fight! Win!