At Fieldworks we take a dynamic and comprehensive approach to targeting in order to determine the appropriate universe for your voter outreach or advocacy program.

Targeting begins with a review of all available polling data and background research to understand the demographics and the current dynamics of a campaign.  We then use the best data available – voter files, NCEC data, past IDs, census data and any other information - to determine our target universes for all parts of the campaign.

Once we analyze the data we can create outreach or vote goal scenario so the campaign can more effectively set priorities for not only the field program, but for all outreach and voter communications.

Our targeting does not need to end with the initial goals. For all our clients we can continue to evaluate the goal with information we collect daily in the field.  The campaign can then apply the data we collect to validate polling, test models of voters, and change targets as necessary.  This type of dynamic targeting will allow any campaign to make critical resource decisions as time progresses.

FieldWorks can develop a field plan to include all contact and turnout strategies, as well as the metrics and data management needed for any timeline and budget.