At FieldWorks we believe that qualifying an initiative for the ballot is more than just a signature on a piece of paper.

Our signature collection operations not only work to qualify an initiative for the ballot but with our hearts in grassroots, we go farther. We can help build the grassroots coalitions needed for both volunteer signature collection, and we can help build the field muscle for needed for upcoming election. In addition to our petition collection services, all of FieldWorks' field services are available to an initiative campaign that is looking to build their grassroots capacity.

Because FieldWorks is actively engaged in developing strategies for ballot/signature gathering collection for the progressive communities (we continue to be active with the Ballot Integrity Project and the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center), our commitment to running clean signature drives and weeding out fraudulent or unethical tactics is unparalleled in the industry.

FieldWorks runs a highly centralized program that has established the standard for a professional operation.