At Fieldworks, canvasses are a turn-key operation. With years of experience, we have developed the best tools and systems to run a successful canvass program. FieldWorks takes advantage of our vast experience running large and small canvasses and incorporates new technologies to ensure that your canvass operation is efficient and effective. FieldWorks expertise is in helping our clients determine the best target universe and creating a program to meet their needs. We have created the tools needed to track progress towards goals on a daily basis—and when appropriate a “real-time” data tracking system.

Canvass Management: We have cultivated an outstanding team of experienced canvass directors who will manage the project every day. These activities include managing the physical areas to be canvassed, sending out canvassers, debriefing crews, supporting staff on the ground, and developing team leaders to ensure a quality operation. Our senior management team analyzes the progress of the project through a variety of quantitative measures and works with our directors every day to improve the canvass performance.

Budget and Payroll Management: FieldWorks manages all of the administrative tasks associated with running the canvass, including payroll processing, taxes, filing and workers’ compensation. We also provide budget tracking and management to help save our clients’ money. In addition the FieldWorks canvass staff are our employees, not independent contractors, giving us greater control of the operation for the benefit of the client.

Our canvass operations also provide for superior focus on recruitment and training, detailed daily progress reports, employee validation and quality control.