Vice President

Laurie is one of nation's premiere political organizers and a founding partner of FieldWorks.

Prior to starting FieldWorks, Laurie served for many years with the Democratic National Committee. As the director of the DNC's 2000 Coordinated Campaign, she was widely credited with helping earn Al Gore the popular vote. As the Coordinated Campaign Director, Laurie worked with 19 stakeholder tables to develop state based Coordinated Campaign plans and fund them to the tune of $35million dollars. She has served in senior level positions with the Democratic National Committee, campaigns, and advocacy organizations for over 23 years, including as a consultant to the 2004 and 2008 Presidential campaigns.

Laurie spends time both training and mentoring up and coming political operatives. She has trained for the DNC, the DCCC, the American University, Democratic GAIN, EMILY's List, and EMERGE and is a yearly lecturer at Harvard's Kennedy's School, Women in Public Policy Program

Laurie left FieldWorks in a full time capacity in 2012 and is currently the Senior Director for US Campaigns at ONE.