Campaign Directors

Campaign Directors are the cooks in our kitchen. With just a little notice, they drop into a city, and within a day or two are hiring and managing staff in a well-functioning office. They usually have some campaign or organizing experience, and are good at juggling priorities, finding solutions to problems, and hitting goals no matter what. They are communicators, motivators, and with a variety of individual leadership styles, the driving force behind field staff performance. They teach our field staff how to have conversations with voters and make sure that the work is happening well and quickly. They are tech-savvy and can problem-solve computers, devices and apps. They can learn our staffing and reporting systems and implement our tried and true campaign model. They are flexible and have easily accessible senses of humor.

If you need a part-time job, this is NOT it. Campaign Directors work long hours including evenings and weekends. Each of our campaigns is a sprint – you have to be ready to drop in, hit the ground running, and not look up until you hit the finish line. FieldWorks works because our Campaign Directors make it happen every day over and over again. And they’re well-rewarded. Compensation is generous, commensurate with skills and experience, and ranges from $1000 to $1,200 per week. Benefits include a weekly housing stipend, travel expenses covered, health insurance, other insurance policies, and career development support. You don’t have to make a years-long commitment to be part of the FieldWorks Campaign Directing team; you can drop in for one of our projects, and once it’s done move on to other opportunities and drop back in the next time you’re available.

We have four kinds of projects:
  • Petition Drives
  • Voter Registration Drives
  • Door-to-Door
  • Quality Control

We’re hiring Campaign Directors for all projects with varying levels of experience from entry-level campaigners to experienced operatives, and we would like to fill a number of (potentially permanent) senior leadership positions this year with our most successful Campaign Directors.

All Campaign Directors must have a valid drivers license and be able to drive a FieldWorks rental car. Insurance regulations require drivers be at least 21 years old.

To Apply

We use a timed 60-minute task as part of our hiring process, so you should set aside some time to dedicate to the application. You’ll need your resume, reliable internet access, and about 90 minutes. When you’re ready to apply, click here.