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FieldWorks provided strategic planning and ongoing consulting to assist GINet to pass state divestment legislation in targeted states across the country, to ensure states retirement funds were not investing in companies contributing to Genocide in Darfur. Additionally, in New York and Iowa, FieldWorks took a very active role in coordinating and developing both grasstops and grassroots organizations to pass divestment legislation. In New York it was determined that the best vehicle for success was to target the New York State Comptroller. In order to do this, FieldWorks targeted the Comptroller and his senior staff person, as well as elected officials and experts on the issue and ensured that key community leaders and elected officials generated phone calls, emails, letters, and set up meetings with these targets. At the same time, we also moved forward with both a media effort highlighting the comptrollerís role in process as well as generated public pressure through letters and postcards

The divestment campaigns and GINet were successful in all targeted states including New York and Iowa.